Rules of the game

You enter bets for the results of all matches from the opening match to the final. The goal is to win as many points as possible and become the overall winner - and this is what you have to do:

Place your bet

You can enter a bet up to the time when the game kicks off. The kick-off times are shown on the 'Bet' page. After that, the betting closes and no further bets are accepted even if the start of the match is delayed. Your bet is only valid if you have selected a result for each of the two teams.
You must predict the match result including all goals from extra time and penalty shoot-out.

Quick bet

The Quick Bet enters a random bet for each match that has not yet started.

Awarding points

Points will be awarded to you in the rankings list for each correct result or correct tendency that you bet on:

Correct tendency
Exact goal difference
Exact result
Joker points
1 Point 2 Points
Applies also to a draw
3 Points Double points

Examples Points allocation individual ranking

Match result Bet My points Explanation
2:1 2:1 3 Perfect result: full points!
2:2 2:2 3 Perfect result: full points!
2:1 3:2 2 Correct goal difference
2:1 2:0 1 Correct tendency
2:1 1:2 0 Wrong tendency: no points
0:0 1:1 2 Correct goal difference
2:1 2:1+Joker 6 Perfect result and joker used: full points x 2

The points for each participant will be displayed in a rankings list sorted according to the points won.


The joker doubles your points for a match. The group phase is sub-divided into six matchdays. You can use one joker for exactly one game on each matchday. You can also use a joker on one game each in the last sixteen, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.This gives you a total of ten games where you can use your joker to double your points (6 x in the group phase, 1 x in the last sixteen, 1 x in the quarter-finals, 1 x in the semi-finals and 1 x in the final).

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